Cream Tea at Woburn Abbey

I hope everyone had a good Monday and is set up for the rest of the week. Today’s blog post is about something I did over the weekend. For my Nan’s 80th birthday, my family and I went to Woburn Abbey, in Bedfordshire, for a cream tea. Woburn Abbey was founded in 1145 by Hugh de Bolebec. It was given by Edward VI to the Russell family in 1547. It is an ancestral home of historical beauty, surrounded by gorgeous gardens and home to wandering wild animals.

Under the sun, Woburn Abbey is truly a beautiful landscape with the Abbey itself as the central focus point. We all caught up, amidst the birthday celebrations, whilst enjoying decadent cakes with our tea. Woburn Abbey offers afternoon cream tea as it is a traditional English custom, which first became popular in the 1840s. Duchess Anna Maria entertained her friends at Woburn Abbey with afternoon tea. Attending a get-together like this makes me feel profoundly English.

The Woburn Abbey gardens are absolutely stunning. Redevelopments have been made, as visualised by Humphry Repton, Sir Jeffry Wyattville, Percy Cane and Henry Holland. After our cream tea we walked around the gardens, taking in the views of The Chinese Dairy, The Corn House and The Hornbeam Maze. We were also lucky enough to have amazing weather for the day, especially since we’ve only been getting random days of sunshine here and there.

It was so lovely to come home from uni for a weekend and see my family. I was so pleased to be able to celebrate my Nan’s birthday with her. She was so overwhelmed with everything that she struggled to get her words out through her happy tears. We all felt like the day had been really special and I am glad I could be a part of it. I’ve included some photos below of the cream tea and the beautiful gardens.


Image (1)
The Bedford Tea Room

Image-1 (1)

Image-2 (1)

Image-4 (1)

The Chinese Dairy


Image (2)




Image-1 (2)

To read more about Woburn Abbey click here.


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