Product Review: Graze Box

I recently ordered my first Graze Box online. It is a small box filled with a selection of four different healthy snacks. You can choose between three different types: the variety box, the light box (snacks under 150 calories each), or the protein box (for snacks as a source of protein). You can also customize your box to suit your own personal needs, including if you are a vegetarian or require gluten-free products etc. You can eliminate products that you have no desire to try and flag up the snacks you are specifically interested in.

I chose the light box and left the selection fairly open since I don’t have any specific dietary requirements. It arrived in a small cardboard box, kind of like a pizza box, but half the size and a simple design. I opened it up to find a number of leaflets, including a voucher for £5 of your next order, introducing the new Graze online shop, and a promotional leaflet. These helped to understand more about Graze as a brand and product.


In my Graze Box I received four different healthy snacks. Firstly, I tried the Wild Berry Toasts with a White Chocolate Dip. It was delicious, although there was too much toast and not really enough chocolate to dip all of them. The toasts themselves are slightly dry, but overall it was a really nice snack.

Secondly, I got Graze’s Smoky Hot Dog, which includes Sweet Mustard Breadsticks, Cheese Croutons & Smoked Cashews. I lot of the recipes for snacks from Graze try to use unique ways to create classic tastes. For example, the mustard, cheese and smoky flavor of eating a hot dog, combined to make a crunchy snack of less than 150 calories. The flavours were really strong and delicious, but I wouldn’t say it was better than eating an actual hot dog.

Thirdly, I got Lightly Salted Pistachio’s, Whole Pistachio’s Toasted with a Little Salt. A few of my friends have previously raved about her good pistachio’s are, whilst still being healthy, but I had never tried them. I thought that were quite tasty, but probably not my favourite. You have to split the outer shell to get the nut out, and for some of them I couldn’t even get into them!

Finally, I got Cherries & Berries, Cherries Lingonberries, Cranberries, and Jumbo Raisins. This one was probably my favourite because I absolutely love raisins. The fruit was very sweet and here was also a good selection of the different types of berries.

So, that’s about it for this product review. I hope you enjoyed reading about Graze Box! Although it is a regular subscription service, I don’t think I will be ordering it again. I enjoyed the snacks, however I feel that I would just prefer making my own snacks at home or eating fruit. Some of their other snacks I may have enjoyed more, but overall I didn’t love it enough to order it on a regular basis.

Click here to order your own Graze Box.

Have a great week!


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