May Favourites 2016

May has passed, along with my dissertation deadline and the moment I completed all the work for my university degree. It’s safe to say it has been a busy and emotional month. The weather has started to get hotter and I am now free to enjoy the beach in the gorgeous town where I live. So here are a few things I’ve been loving this month…

Surprises & Celebrating

This month I finished my degree and my sister turned 23. So we decided to celebrate both with a weekend in Bournemouth, with us two and our friend. Upon arrival, my sister gave me presents from my lovely family, who had sent me flowers, Celebrations, champagne, and a cute card. We had the best time in Bournemouth and had such a great celebration!


The Unexpected Everything and The Last Star 

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to put aside the funds to purchase these two fantastic new YA book releases. I can only imagine that I would love them if I could get my hands on them, and even so I still love the fact that they exist. The Unexpected Everything is by Morgan Matson, an YA author I absolutely love after reading Since You’ve Been Gone and Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. Her stories are often very adventurous, romantic, and usually perfect for summer reading. The Last Star by Rick Yancey is the third book in The 5th Wave series. I’ve read the first two so I NEED this one. They are the first books on my list to read over the summer.


Since the thought I could possibly be leaving in a few months has been entering my head more and more, I’ve realised how attached I’ve become to the beautiful town I’ve lived in for the past three years. I would love to stay living here (fingers crossed!), but if not I will certainly be visiting often. There are some brilliant places in Bournemouth, as well as a stunning beach, and so many fun things to do (not to mention the student nights out I have enjoyed here). My sister and friend visited last weekend and we went to Turtle Bay, Aruba, went on the big ferris wheel, and enjoyed walking along the beach. I still haven’t been to the Oceanarium which I would definitely like to do soon! 


Iced Lattes

I have a part-time job in a kind of unofficial Starbucks on my university campus, which basically means I have tried the entire Starbucks drinks menu. Recently we’ve been selling a lot of iced drinks and I have also been loving iced lattes. I recently tried an Iced Chai Tea Latte which is now my favourite thing in the world.


Music: Drake’s One Dance

That’s why I need a one dance, got a Hennessy in my hand…”

I discovered this song at the weekend and just kept it on repeat. I haven’t actually listened to Drake’s new album, but I hadn’t heard this song either which is actually number #1 in the chart. Just give it a listen.


That’s it for May. Now, we welcome June. Hoping for more sun and beach. I also have my university Summer Ball next week which I am so excited for! Let me know what you’ve been loving this month in the comments below. I hope you all have a great Friday tomorrow and enjoy the weekend!


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