Becoming Lilo & Stitch

I knew it would be one of favourite days of the year and I knew it would flew by in a second. Yesterday was my last university end of year summer ball. To celebrate the end of the year my university hold a huge festival party. Everyone dresses up in the most crazy costumes and enjoys one final celebration together. As this is my final year at university, this was also my last summer ball and maybe the last time partying with some of the most wonderful, interesting people I’ve ever met. I had the best time and I’ll remember it forever. It was the perfect way to end my three years of university!

My housemate, Sarah, and I decided to dress up as Lilo and Stitch because we are both obsessed with Disney. I always think Disney characters are such fun, vibrant costume ideas. For the summer ball in second year I dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, so I was glad to keep the theme going. I went as Lilo and Sarah went as Stitch. I wanted to blog about how I put my costume together and also a little bit about the ball itself. Firstly, here are some pictures of my costume and the different accessories I bought for it…








We had the cutest pre-party with lots of people from our course. My lovely friends decked out their garden with bunting, a table full of snacks (including Haribo skewers), and the most amazing ‘Class of 2016’ sign to take photos in front of. The ball itself was as brilliant as I expected it to be, having been for the past two years I felt like I knew what to expect and it was still as good as ever.


Here’s to an awesome summer ball and to everyone who came (if you may happen to read this) thank you so much for making it so special!



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