Sunshine & Waves

This academic year has been my final year of university. I’ve lived in Bournemouth since moving here in September 2013. Throughout my three years I’ve never really taken that much advantage of the beach. But, I suppose the main reason has been that during my first two years I moved back home for the summer months. This year I wanted to stay for the summer, which meant I got to spend some of the UK’s hottest July days at the beach.

I’ve spend some beautiful sunny days on the beach in Bournemouth and in Boscombe with James. We don’t live that close to the beach but it is definitely worth making the effort to get down there. One of the hottest days was last Tuesday and the beach was insanely busy. I met James, Dan and Jack a couple of minutes walk along from the pier. I wanted to go swimming in the sea, but I had to get a train in the evening so I was restricted to paddling up to the top of my legs.

We were eventually defeated by the heat and came away with a little bit of sun burn, despite being careful. But, I still felt so relaxed after lying in the sun with my favourite person. The atmosphere of the beach was amazing because it was so packed and it was so hot it actually felt like being on holiday.

Beach 6
Bournemouth Beach – Tuesday 19th July 2016

Beach 9

Yesterday, James and I went to Boscombe beach, which is sometimes slightly less crowded than Bournemouth. I’ve started to enjoy being in the sun more than I did when I was younger. I used to sit in the shade and read a book, but this year I’ve really enjoyed lying in the sunshine. We sat on the beach for a few hours and walked in the waves. We had Fish & Chips at the Harvester and I was definitely mostly covered in sand.

James at Boscombe Beach – Saturday 23rd July 2016

I have loved being in the sun on days like these. On regular days the sun can get to be a bit too much for me, but on days like this it is so relaxing and I really enjoy it. They have been perfect days.


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