Sprinkles Bournemouth

Yesterday afternoon I went to Sprinkles Gelato in Bournemouth with some of my uni friends. We’ve been studying the same course together for the past three years and since we went to Sprinkles on our very first day of lectures last year, we thought it would be a fitting way to end the year as well.

Sprinkles Cupcakes and Syrups



Sprinkles Ice Cream Flavours
Sprinkles Choco-Banana Waffle

Sprinkles is basically heaven for the sweet tooth. Even the smell of the place is like walking into a land made of sweets. They serve too many different flavours of ice cream and it is difficult to chose between them. They also serve waffles and crepes with different toppings, like fruit and chocolate.

We sat outside because the weather has been so hot in the UK recently, but it actually ended up raining slightly which was pretty refreshing. I ordered the Choco-Banana Waffle with vanilla ice cream. It was very sweet but delicious! It was nice to have one final trip to Sprinkles before the end of the year.


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