Baking Millionaires’ Shortbread

Yesterday evening I baked from my new book, Tanya Bakes, by Tanya Burr. Tanya is a British beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, who lives in London. Her book has lots of different recipes including cakes, cookies, pastry, and bread. I decided to make the Millionaires’ Shortbread which is always the most sugary treat ever but so delicious. I can’t actually remember if I’ve baked shortbread before, but one time I did attempt to make either caramel or fudge with my friend at her house and I almost managed to burn the house down! Thankfully, it didn’t happen this time round.

Millionaires’ Shortbread has a layer of shortbread, then a layer of caramel, and then a layer of chocolate. I was particularly pleased with the way my shortbread turned out, although I did leave in the oven slightly longer than 20 minutes until it went a little more golden on top. The base was completely baked dry and it was light and soft.

The shortbread is the only part that requires baking, but making the caramel layer requires precision. Luckily, I had James on FaceTime who was helping me and attempting to make sure I didn’t completely burn the sugar, which was really fun. It was really nice to have someone baking with me. Eventually, with some help, it started to look more like caramel. You have to keep stirring it when it is on the heat and I think it started to burn a little on the bottom of the pan, but after cooling the pan in some cold water, the caramel mixture started to thicken.


Tanya Bakes Exclusive Signed Edition

I got Tanya’s exclusive signed edition and I will most likely be baking from it a lot over the upcoming weeks. Baking is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy the different elements and making something completely from scratch. Plus there is the added bonus of actually eating it!

Tanya’s recipe includes edible gold glitter which is sprinkled across the top of the chocolate. I couldn’t find any glitter in the supermarket so I choose some silver balls instead, which I still think look really cool!



Let me know if you’ve baked anything from Tanya Bakes and if you also enjoy baking as much as me!



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