Ashwell Country Show

On bank holiday Monday I went to the Ashwell Show in Elbrook Meadow, with my Mum and Dad. It is a mixed Horse Show and traditional Village Show. The rural event was a lot bigger than I had imagined it would be. It is held in a massive field in North Hertfordshire and takes place every year on the August bank holiday.

We were lucky enough to get some pretty warm weather. Although I did need my jacket a few times, we managed to avoid any rain. We walked around and saw the display of vintage tractors next to the main arena which showcases the largest entertainment events. When we arrived a stunt performance was just beginning, which included a motorbike driving up a ramp and flying over a van.



We walked around the one of the smaller arena and watched a bit of a Horse Classes Show, where the horses are paraded in front of a judge. Nearby, there was a beautiful Suffolk Punch, an English breed of draught horse, standing with its owner. Its mane and tail had been braided with straw.

There were so many gorgeous horses riding around the arena, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see any show jumping. We saw a group of Fox Hounds surrounding two “master of foxhounds” wearing red riding coats and riding horses. It was an iconic 19th century image. The dogs were so friendly and everyone was just walking in amongst them, they were running all around but stayed in a fairly close group around the two horses.

Beautiful Suffolk Punch


We walked around to browse the trade stalls and food carts. We got some good old fashioned pick n’ mix and was definitely tempted by the adorable cupcakes that were on sale. For a girl who loves to bake I can’t help but be drawn to those kind of stalls.

We also got to see the adorable Basset Hounds, which entered the arena along with the Fox Hounds to demonstrate their speed and agility.



The weather held up and it was such a fun day, there was plenty to do to keep as busy on a bank holiday Monday. If you want to read more about the Ashwell Show, follow this link.



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