Baking Halloween Cupcakes

I’ve had a long break from my blog since I’ve just moved back from uni and started a new job. I thought it would be fun to make some Halloween cupcakes to take into work. I also haven’t baked anything for a long time and it’s always fun to make something Halloween-themed.

I chose to bake from my Tanya Bakes book – the recipe is simply called ‘Halloween Cupcakes.’ They are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips inside and orange buttercream icing. They are actually “blood filled” cupcakes, with a raspberry jam filling, however for mine I decided to leave them just as chocolate chip as they were for work and I feel like it’s more likely that the majority will like chocolate, but I thought some people might not like jam.

Also for my Halloween decoration I chose some green sprinkles, so this also differed slightly from the recipe. But with a combination of orange and green I’m sure they will still look suitably Halloween-y.










The chocolate chips made them super delicious and I really love this recipe. Everyone at work loved them too which was good! They said “Laura can definitely bake again!”



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