Bournemouth Grad!

On Tuesday of this week just gone, I graduated from Bournemouth University (BU) with a degree in Communication & Media. It was such a special day and one that I will never forget. It felt so familiar and fun to be back with my amazing friends in the gorgeous beach town we called our home. It is hard to explain how much I miss being there with everyone.

I travelled down on Monday evening with my family. I was pretty hyped the night before. I had a glass of wine and my family gave me some lovely presents and cards of congratulations. I couldn’t believe the time had finally come to graduate and all I could think was how lucky I am to of had such an amazing university experience & to have shared it with such wonderful people.

At BU, I found myself completely falling in love with the fantastic character of our university…

From the crazy nights out at Lollipop on a Friday night in The Old Fire Station – where at some points we may of had one vodka lemonade too many, danced A LOT, took a million snapchats, visited The Engine Room for some old school classics, lost everyone about 10 times, got lost ourselves about 20 times and eaten too much post-clubbing food. The people around me made these nights so much fun, especially laughing about our night the next day and finding the greasiest, most-carby food we could possibly find and making sure we didn’t send any snapchats we couldn’t remember sending.

To being utterly stressed out in the last few months of doing our dissertations – when it was actually fun to be stressed out together on the fifth floor of the student centre, drinking copious amounts of SUBU Starbucks Vanilla Lattes and trying not to all lose our minds. It was always such a fun atmosphere to be in. Thanks to the people who made those days of hard work so memorable.

Through my three years of university I’ve had so many different experiences and met friends for life. I’ve lived in the student village – an 18-year-old fresher in 2013. I’ve been in a musical with the Performing Arts Society in year 2 and worked in a “Starbucks” on campus in year 3. I’ve battled through mountains of assignments. I’ve been to three end-of-year summerballs. I’ve been to 28,000,000 Lollipops. And I never stopped having fun the whole time.

On the day of graduation, I arrived at the venue just after 8 and went to get my gown and mortarboard. It was so exciting to be doing it myself after seeing my sister graduate last year. It was exciting to walk across the stage and watch my friends do the same. I spent most of the day just being so excited and happy to see everyone and it all just went so fast.

I could go on and on about how much I love these people so I’ll let the photos do the talking and tell the story of my university graduation from BU Class of 2016!













I wish I could relive the whole day again and thank you to everyone who helped make it so special!




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