Winter Wonderland

Looks like it’s finally time to get into the Christmas spirit at last! My sister and I planned to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (London) on the last weekend of November and we decided to book ice skating as a little festive treat. Yesterday we went to London and threw ourselves into Christmas land! It was a really great day and I do recommend if you haven’t been to Winter Wonderland, it is definitely worth a visit.

And now I’m sitting in bed on Sunday morning, listening to a completely adorable and very Christmassy Disney instrumental playlist, about to tell you all about our magical adventure.

We actually went to Oxford Street first to see it all dressed up for Christmas and have a browse through the shops. We did actually overlook the fact that is is Black Friday weekend so it was a tad busy, but given that Oxford Street is always pretty busy it didn’t matter too much. I managed to find a cute dress for my work Christmas party (here) and the most adorable sparkling bag, which looked super glitzy and very festive.

When we got to Winter Wonderland we went straight to our ice skating slot booked for 4pm. Every time you go ice skating and you first step onto the ice, you think you’re never going to be able to do it. This time it felt like it was the slippery-ist ice rink I’d ever stepped on. But after a few cycles going around clinging to the edge we managed to gain a little bit more confidence.



Ice skating really is so Christmassy. It was a circular ice rink with a platform in the centre with a Christmas tree and a live singer. The lady who was singing had the most amazing voice and sang a mixture of Christmas songs and covers from the charts. There was also Christmas lights strung up above us and everyone looked really happy. It was so much fun and made me feel very festive.

After we’d been skating (also we both managed to get through it without falling over once!) we went to explore the rest of Winter Wonderland. The Bavarian Village was amazing. It was a huge room filled with Christmas lights, one side offering food and the other offering drinks. In the centre there was loads of tables packed with people and then a stage at the front with live music. We had a drink in there and then went to wander outside again.


We looked around the little stalls and I got a cute Christmas gift for two of my best friends and shared a Belgium chocolate waffle. We had another drink in another cute little bar and then spent a while looking for the good pic n’ mix shop that we’d seen earlier to get some sweets for the journey home!

It was such a fun day and I would definitely go again next year. Let me know if you’ve been to Winter Wonderland this year and what you got up to!


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