What Light by Jay Asher

I recently finished reading What Light by Jay Asher and it’s been probably about a week since I finished but I’m finally getting around to writing a blog post about it. I absolutely fell in love with this book and definitely recommend it as a young adult (YA) festive read.

What Light is written by the popular YA author of Thirteen Reasons Why, which I also really enjoyed (and which FYI is being turned into television series and I’m very tempted to reread it). What Light is set during Christmas time which is why I was initially drawn to it. That, and its cute snow-flakey blue front cover and the fact that it’s written by Asher. Past these initial attractions, I completely adored reading this romantic festive story.

I’ve read a couple of other Christmas YA books in previous years, such as Let It Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson  and there is just something really lovely about them. If you enjoy YA and you’re not reading a festive YA at Christmas – you are missing out!


What Light tells the story of Sierra and Caleb. Sierra’s family run their own Christmas tree farm in Oregon and each year they spend the run up to Christmas selling the trees at their own lot in California. She leaves her best friends Rachel and Elizabeth behind to sell Christmas trees for one whole month and to see her best friend from California, Heather.

Sierra is instantly attracted to Caleb, the boy who brings Christmas trees to family who don’t have the means to get one for themselves. But, Heather warns her against him.

From this high up, when the season gets under way and all the lights go on, it’s easy to spot our Christmas tree lot” – Page 32

This story explores the themes of friendship, personal decisions and mistakes, second chances, trust and not judging someone before you get to know them. I personally loved Sierra as a character because she saw beneath the flaws and mistakes painted all over Caleb by other people’s words to truly see him as the person he is when they meet – the shadows of his past hang over him but they are not longer a part of him.

I really enjoyed reading all about the Christmas tree lot and Sierra’s personal dedication to the family business. I loved her little tiny Christmas tree farm at the very top of Cardinal’s Peak where each year she plants another tree. Christmas is about tradition which is exactly what this book is full of!

If you’ve read What Light let me know what your thought in the comments!


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