Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar

Today I’m going to be chatting through the Tanya Burr Cosmetics 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar. Tanya Burr is a one of my absolute favourite YouTubers/bloggers so I thought it would be fun to chat about her advent calendar for a festive December post.

Now, I do know that these are now sold out as they were limited edition for Christmas 2016. So if you didn’t manage to get hold of one at least this post will show you what it was like and you can decide whether to get one next year if a 2017 edition becomes available! Or if you just generally like reading about make-up and/or beauty advent calendars then this post will probably be for you.

If I’ve managed my blogging schedule correctly then today will be the 12th December, which is the day this calendar comes to end (for those of you opening one door each day), so let’s talk about it!

For the purpose of this blog post I have to hold my hands up and admit that I opened all the doors on the 5th (BUT my chocolate advent calendar is still intact).

Tanya’s calendar has an icy blue and gold design and features silhouettes from real life photographs of Tanya herself, Tanya with her husband Jim & their Miniature Dachshund, Martha


Day One – Candy Cane Lip Gloss

Opening up door number 1…

All of the products that you get in this calendar are so festive which is what I love about it. I’m no make-up expert and these aren’t high-end priced products, but they is an array of beautiful colours and lovely designs. I’m fairly sure this calendar is aimed at the teenage market, one of Tanya’s primary audiences.

On day one you get a lip gloss in the colour Candy Cane which is a light shimmery pink.



Days Two and Three – Nail File & Mirror


Tanya’s nail file is a pale green colour with polka dots and the mirror has a matt white design

Day Four – Champagne Sparkle Eye Shimmer Pot



Day Five – Christmas Stocking Matt Lip



Day Six – Glitters and Gold Nail Polish


Day Seven – Ice Crystals Glitter Liner




Day Eight – Snow Day Eye Shimmer Pot



Day Nine – Berry Pavlova Lip Gloss



Day Ten – Treasured Glitter Liner



Day Eleven – Sleigh Bells Nail Polish


Day Twelve – Glitter Rain Nail Polish


Christmas is coming…



My favourite products in this calendar are definitely the eye shimmer pots and the nail polishes! It was really fun to open this calendar and all the products added to the festivity. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what was inside Tanya Burr’s beauty calendar – let me know what you thought if you got one yourself!


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