Ultimate Friends Quiz w/ @w0nderlandblog

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I’m here with a collab post with Alice from Our Own Wonderland! Alice writes about lifestyle, fashion and beauty and her blog is gorgeous and includes personal posts about her life and inspirational content such as ‘5 ways to improve a bad day.’ I’ve put the link so definitely go and check out her blog!

I’ve really enjoyed working with her on this collab and it is also the first one I’ve done on my blog.

Alice’s Blog

We were both taking part in the @Blogsdoitbetter #BDIB twitter chat and discovered our mutual love of the American TV show Friends — which I’m sure many of you have heard of. We thought it would be fun to join up for a collab post and test each other’s knowledge of the show. I have to say I was surprised that I found a fair few of the questions difficult to answer (Alice is a quiz master!)

So, here on my blog, I’m going to be revealing how many quiz questions Alice got right from my ultimate Friends quiz. Over on her blog, she has revealed how many I got correct from her quiz so check our twitter’s for the link and we hope you enjoy both our posts!

Alice answers my Ultimate Friends Quiz…

1. In ‘The One with George Stephanopoulos’ after receiving her first pay cheque, Rachel is upset because who took all her money?

Alice’s answer: FICA – “who is fica and why is he getting all my money?”

2. Name the episode where Phoebe gives birth to her brother’s triplets

Alice’s answer: The One Hundredth 

3. What is the moist-maker?

Alice’s answer: It’s the layer of bread in the middle of Ross’s thanksgiving left over sandwich which is soaked in gravy. (This sounds so gross btw, soggy bread, vom)

4. Name three men Rachel has dated (*between seasons 1 and 10 not speaking of her past, first name & surname)

Alice’s answer: Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani and I can’t think of any surnames for the rest but Paul, Elizabeth’s dad (Bruce Willis)

5. What colour shirt does Ross order on the phone after failing to retrieve his ‘faded salmon’ shirt from his ex-girlfriend Mona?

Alice’s answer: Summer Berry (my boyfriend thought I was crazy cause I shouted this out after thinking about it for so long)

6. Name three episodes where all six Friends appear in the same storyline

Alice’s answer: The One with All The Football, The One with the Lesbian Wedding and The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel

7. What is the Geller Cup made out of?

Alice’s answer: It’s a troll doll on a bit of wood! (This is one of my favourite episodes)

8. In ‘The One Where Monica Sings’ name one song that she sings

Alice’s answer: I’m so excited. Wish you’d worn a better top, Mon.

9. Complete the blanks in this quote… “I mean isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch _____ – _____ – _____ – _____ fantastic?” and confirm who says it

Alice’s answer: Spit on your neck fantastic, said by Rachel. (This is one of my favourite Friends lines, I say it all the time)

10. In the one with ‘The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant’ what band do Monica, Chandler and Ross go to see?

Alice’s answer: Hooty and The Blowfish

And that’s the complete quiz! I have worked out that this quiz is actually out of 14 and I can now reveal that Alice achieved a score of…


I gave a point for Paul (Bruce Willis) even without the surname but unfortunately the colour of Ross’ shirt is Winter Berry! Alice, I felt so bad about this one because you were thinking about it for so long! But, I’m fairly sure you got more points than I did!

Also, I feel that The One with the Metaphorical tunnel is kinda a few different storylines – Chandler’s fear of commitment and Ross’ issue with Ben playing with a Barbie. Regardless, you did so well!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this post! Especially if you’re as big a fan of friends as Alice and I. A big shoutout and thank you to Alice for collaborating with me on this post – had so much fun and can’t wait to find out the answers to the ones I couldn’t get!

More possible answers for question 4: Paul’s surname is Stevens, Tag Jones, Gavin Mitchell.
More possible answers for question 6: The One with the Blackout, The One Where No-ones Ready, The One with the Two Parties, The One Where They’re Up All Night.

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