Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter

Hi there lovelies, hope you’re all having a nice Wednesday evening doing whatever you’re doing. Just wanted to chat about how much I’m loving Louise Pentland of Sprinkle of Glitter on YouTube! I watched her live show tonight and I’m just really glad I’ve started to watch and engage with her content more because I think she’s a really lovely lady!

I’ve watched her videos occasionally in the past and always see her in Zoe’s videos, but recently I’ve started to really enjoy and appreciate her channel. One of the things I love is the amount of genuine advice she gives in her videos, not because she’s saying what she thinks should be said or what most people would say, but just being completely honest and drawing from her own experiences. She is so down to earth in her videos and so open about her life.

She touches on some serious topics on occasion, in areas such as sex and relationships, and I think she handles sensitive questions from viewers really well and gives such great guidance and reassurance.

I feel that real life advice videos are probably some of my favourites to watch on YouTube. I also just think Louise is hilarious and so uplifting to watch if you’ve had a bit of a crappy day and need a pick me up – definitely check out Louise’s channel!

This is the video of her live show this evening. Let me know who you like to watch on YouTube in the comments as I’d love to discover yet more people to watch. Have a great day tomorrow! I’m going to the second meeting at a performing arts group I’m hoping to join tomorrow so I’m really excited! Night!

* Update! This morning I watched another of Louise’s videos titled Finishing with Sprinkle of Glitter, which was about her evolving her channel to make it more honest and truthful from the perspective of a 31-year-old woman. She started building her channel and now she’s a lot older and speaks about wanting to feel free in her videos rather than the Sprinkle of Glitter version of Louise that she is no longer comfortable being all the time as it’s not a true reflection of herself now she is older.

I think this is so great and, although I did enjoy her videos before, as an 21 almost 22 year old I feel that I will really appreciate and enjoy this new content – which so far I am! So well done Louise! I wish you all the best with the next chapter of your channel and I’ll definitely be there for each new video!



    1. Hi Ashleigh! I’m so glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ I totally agree – she’s so lovely and funny! Who else do you watch? I’ve recently discovered Ebony Day and she is so sweet!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m really glad you enjoyed the post about Louise πŸ™‚ I’m so happy so many of you are sharing how much you enjoy her content and are inspired by her πŸ™‚ x

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