La La Land

Hello lovelies. On Saturday I went to see La La Land at the cinema and I really wanted to talk about it on here. I am a big fan of musicals and when I caught a glimpse of the vibrant and jazzy La La Land, graced with fabulously young Hollywood vibes, I knew I had to see it.

I’d been listening to the soundtrack beforehand and already knew the songs, I really enjoyed the opening sequence to see how Another Day of Sun came to life. It reminded me of Fame how they were all dancing on their cars. The scene was choreographed so well and set out the overall tone ahead of the rest of the film.

A Technicolour world made out of music and machine

When I was watching this film I was thinking about other modern musicals and I realised that there doesn’t seem to be as much dancing in them. I was really happy to see so much of it in La La Land. I immediately wished I could do all of them, especially to A Lovely Night. And because the film had an old fashioned kind of vibe across some elements, the dancing was also old fashioned in some places. The moments where Mia and Seb are ballroom dancing reminded me of The Sound of Music. Other parts were quirky, fun and mesmerising, each move hitting a beat so precisely that it was really satisfying to watch.

And though you look so cute in your polyester suit

I really enjoyed the music the whole way through it and the songs. It was such an electric film that just refused to calm down most of the time, but then during the more tranquil, or sometimes melancholic scenes, it was slower and had softer (but equally beautiful) music. I loved the scene when Mia and Seb sing City of Stars at the piano and their theme piece in the score is also so moving now I know the characters and the storyline.

I really enjoyed both main characters, Mia and Seb. From the opening scenes of Mia in the car as she casually holds up the yet-to-know Seb and nonchalantly utters “I should go,” I knew she would be a fun character. They both fitted so well together and their love story was a bit too believable for my hate-crying-in-the-cinema self, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The cinema scene where their hands touch was so moving and the ending was completely heartbreaking. I actually made it through without a tear, but if I’d watched it alone it could’ve been a different story.

Let me know if you’ve seen La La Land, I would LOVE to hear what you thought of it in the comments. Let’s talk about this beauty of a film! Enjoy Monday eve! x


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