Singing Les Misérables

Yesterday was audition day! Recently I’ve been attending meetings at a local amateur dramatics society once a week and I’ve been really enjoying it. The production crew are so welcoming and positive and I cannot wait to get more involved throughout the year.

As a newbie, I had to do a New Membership Audition to be accepted into the society. I did this audition last night and I’m so very pleased to say that I am now officially a member! I spoke a little bit about the auditions in a previous post but I really wanted to fill you in on what it was like – and you’re actually going to be able to listen to it too! >>>

As I said before, I decided to sing On My Own from Les Misérables for my membership audition as Les Mis is one of my favourite musicals. I sang through that which went smoothly for the most part. At one point, my audition nerves got the better of me and I lost track of the words. The accompanying pianist said to start again on the second verse, but I couldn’t for the life of me find it in the sheet music – so I sort of got a bit panicky and probably apologised about a million times. But, the team running the audition was really lovely and understanding, so eventually I got back into the song and finished it.

After that I had to do a few more vocal tests. The gentleman playing the piano played a few keys that I had to sing back in turn, hitting each note. I think this is called as ‘matching pitch’ which I’d never actually tried before properly but it went fairly well. He played a short tune on the piano twice through, which I had to sing back from memory. I had a bit of difficulty with this but managed it in the end.

Next he played a short scale on the piano which I had to sing back twice whilst he played something different underneath. And finally he tested my vocal range by asking me to sing a low scale and then a high scale. It was so much fun as these additional challenges were something new to me and I really enjoyed finding new ways of exploring my vocal skills.

On Sunday I’m going to the show auditions which I’m sure is going to be a great day! I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes. Just before you go I actually voice recorded my audition on my phone so I’ve included it below! I may have cut out short bits of me muttering nervously as I tried to find my place in the sheet music – but I hope you enjoy it!

My audition:

Let me know if you enjoyed this post – I’d love to hear from you and I hope you have a great weekend!


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