Overnight Work Trip

On Thursday morning I set off for a work trip, up north to Warrington, to film some short videos as part of a campaign. It’s a really fun part of the project because I’ve been involved in shooting short videos before at school, so it was exciting to bring these skills into a corporate piece of work.

I arrived at the train station and met my colleague who I’ve been working with on the project. We found that the train we had planned to get was cancelled on account of Storm Doris. The next train, an hour later, was also cancelled so we didn’t wait around for that. The only thing we could do was change our route, so we got on a train to Bletchley, and then grabbed a taxi to Milton Keynes.

At Milton Keynes we asked the first person working on the station how we could get to Warrington. He said there was a train on platform 6 we could get if we ran. We just made it onto the train, without even checking the train line or end destination. All we knew was that it stopped at Warrington. It turned out to be a Glasgow train and I think we were pretty lucky to have caught it; with everything going on with the storm who knows how long we could’ve waiting for another one or whether we would’ve got there at all!

We arrived in Warrington and waited in the wind for a taxi to our hotel in Birchwood. We were relieved to finally have made it,but we did have a laugh on the way and chatted to a few really lovely people. A few stops before we arrived at Warrington, a group of men boarded the train heading to Dundee for the Six Nations. I think it’s fair to say they’d had a few to drink already – they were loud, but actually pretty funny and completely harmless. I dread to think what time, even they would’ve got to their destination – as we’d already been delayed a good few hours.

Our last train had been travelling at a slow pace and we had to stop at Rugby for a while, but we had a seat for the whole journey and all in all we had a good trip. It was exciting to get to our hotel and check in. I actually love staying in hotels! I think this may have actually been the first time I had a hotel room all to myself as well. I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to the day of filming ahead.

My hotel room






After checking in and putting our bags away in our rooms, we both headed back down to the bar area for a well-needed glass of wine. The hotel had a lovely, cosy design inside; the lounge had a huge bookcase and lots of different sofas and chairs. I had camenbert and the fish & chips for dinner, and then a cup of tea.

We met up with our colleague from the creative filming team who drove up and arrived at the hotel a few hours after us. We discussed our plans for the following day until we felt properly prepared. We all chilled out in the lounge area after eating before heading back up to our rooms.


The next day I was very excited to film for the project. Because of where we filming at I wasn’t allowed to take any photos, but we had a very successful day and got everything done. I did five interviews, which is something I’ve never done before, asking students about their experience on a work experience programme.

I can understand how hard it must be to try and answer questions naturally whilst there is a big camera pointed at you, but everyone we interviewed was amazing! I also interviewed one of the apprentices who helps deliver the programme. We also got interviews with the CEO and other very high up people.

I am very excited to see how the edited videos look. We will have another day of filming somewhere else next month in order to capture another example of work experience in our videos. I’m really happy I got to be part of this project and it has been great experience for me. I was also very pleased to meet so many great people; we worked well a big team on the day and I am so happy with the result.


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