Snowdrops and Spring

Today, my mum and I visited Anglesey Abbey and gardens in Cambridge. It felt very much like a spring day today which was so lovely; it made me feel so excited for spring/summer. The house, gardens and grounds are all under the protection of the National Trust, which has hundreds for sites all across the UK. There was different walking routes mapped out around the grounds, a gift shop and a café.

We started our day by walking through the winter garden, which was so beautiful and had lots of different flowers all along the paths. There were lots of snowdrops because they are in season at this time of year. There was also daffodils, which make me think of Easter, and lots of other pretty blossom and buds.










Next we went to look at the old Mill called Lode Mill which is on the same grounds as the house. I really enjoy looking at historic things especially when they have been protected, kept as original as possible whilst still keeping them standing.

We went inside to see the old grinding stone and climb up the very steep staircase to the next floor, all built from wood. There was a demonstration of how the mill works when we were standing up on the first floor and the cogs and wheels started turning round. It made such a tremendous noise and made the floor shake; it was so cool to see how it works.

We saw an adorable little snack cart in the midst of the gardens which was so cool. We also saw Anglesey Abbey which was beautiful and hopefully I’ll go back in the summer to explore the interior. We had a look in the gift shop and I bought my dad some Real Ale Chutney which we’ve had before and it was so good! We had some sandwiches, tea and a cake in the café which was delicious. My mum also bought some little potted flowers from the garden part of the gift shop to remind us of our day out.











I hope you all had a great weekend! I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to. I hope you have a good and positive Monday – let’s hope for sunshine! Bye for now x



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