Show Week – Oliver!

Six months ago I googled amdram groups in Bedfordshire and came across the Hitchin Thespians. They were holding a talk-through evening to provide information about their upcoming musical production, Oliver! Coincidentally (like it was meant to be) that talk-through was scheduled to happen on the upcoming Tuesday evening. And so I went along.

It’s now June and I’ve just finished a week of performing with the most wonderful and talented cast. We completed a run of six sell-out performances and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone who was involved.

I’ve made so many brilliant memories over the past six months working on bringing Oliver! to the stage. From It’s a Fine Life and I’d Do Anything with Fagin’s gang to Oom Pah Pah with the adult cast, it was so much fun performing this musical.

It’s a Fine Life!
I’d Do Anything

My character was called Bet and she is Nancy’s best friend. I was in a lot of scenes with Nancy and got to perform with Fagin’s gang which was so much fun! This first photo was taken at the very end of It’s a Fine Life which is the first musical number in the show that I was in; such a well-known song from Oliver! so I was really happy that I got to be involved in it. We then went straight into the next song which was I’d Do Anything, another well-known musical hit.

In Act Two my character cowers in the presence of Bill Sykes, the villain of the story, not too sure how to protect her Oliver and her friend, Nancy. It was great fun to act in these scenes; one of my favourite bits was messing around in Oom Pah Pah followed by the sudden intrusion of Sykes for My Name, reacting to his scare antics.

This was my first experience of performing in a real theatre (The Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin) as well as my first time performing two shows in one day; the matinee and evening performances on the last day of show week. It has been a week that I will never forget and I can’t wait to perform again.

Nancy & Bet

Who Will Buy?

“For after some consideration we can state…Consider yourself one of us!”


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