Exploring Barcelona in Spain

Yesterday I travelled back from Barcelona in Spain. My sister and I flew to the Spanish city on Monday and it has been such a fun week of exploring. We managed to fit a lot in in the time that we had and although our feet may be slightly battered from all the miles that we walked, it was definitely worth it.

On our first day we started at Drasennes which is on one end of La Rambla, a popular and central street in Barcelona. I’d say it has similarities with the likes of Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus in London. Of course, there are many differences too. La Rambla was always busy, full of atmosphere and buzzing with energy. We saw ‘human statues’ who had the most amazing costumes and offered a perfect photo opportunity.

Blue Lady at La Rambla

La Rambla has a lot of bars/restaurants serving huge ‘buckets’ of Sangria which we did sample a few times. There is also lots of market stalls, artists selling their paintings and caricaturists. It is a great place to go to get into the spirit of Barcelona, easy to get to on the metro and part of the Gothic Quarter of the city.

We walked to the top of La Rambla which is 1200 metres long. We ended up at Plaça de Catalunya and came across a bright square with fountains. La Rambla kind of became our central point for navigating around the city since our hotel was 3 stops away on the metro and it was all very recognisable for us after a day or two.

After a we-could-be-lost moment we managed to find the Sagrada Família which is a huge Roman Catholic Church, designed by architect Antoni Gaudí. His work can be seen all over the city and is so beautiful. We also visited Park Güell or Gaudi Park which was built by Gaudi. It was like walking around a huge palace but the buildings also resembled fairytale gingerbread houses.

We wandered around after seeing the church and came back to La Rambla. We then found La Boqueria Market, which we didn’t even know was there, just off of La Rambla. It is described as “a paradise for the sense” and indeed what I thought to be most noticeable about it was the colour. The various market stalls displayed a vast array of different foods and treats. My sister and I got some liquorice from a big sweet stall and I tried one of the fresh strawberry juices.

Sagrada Família
La Boqueria Market

On our second day we decided to visit Barcelona Zoo. We used a map we got from our hotel which had a lot of fun attractions marked on it and one of them was the zoo. It was quite easy to find although a short walk from the metro station. We walked along a wall of graffiti art and round into a big park area. We had so much fun at the zoo and one of our favourite bits was seeing the Gorillas. There was a big Ape and some little babies as well which were so adorable.

Day 2

After we left the zoo we had a wander for a bit and ended up walking down a really pretty street that took us back to La Rambla. We did end up having another bucket of Sangria at this point before wandering down to the Port of Barcelona. The port is divided into three zones which includes Port Vell (the Old Port). I think we were at more of the industrial/commercial port – but we couldn’t ask for a more peaceful view of the boats coming into dock.

We had dinner at a restaurant called Tapa Tapa and (being big fans of tapas) we had high expectations. We had a lovely meal on the marina and given the fact that we had tapas for the following two nights as well I think it went down pretty well.

View from Tapa Tapa
Part of the Port of Barcelona

On our third day we really wanted to go on the cable cars to get a good view of the whole of Barcelona. We went from Parc de Montjuic. Montjuic is a hill which overlooks the city. The funicular railway connects the hill with the city’s metro system, kind of like a huge lift the size of a train taking up the hill which was really fun and slightly terrifying. When we arrived we got a ticket to explore the Montjuic Castle which was stunning and had great views of the city.

One of the last places in Barcelona that we explored on the Friday was the Gaudi Park which I mentioned before. I definitely think this is a must-see if you do visit Barcelona and there are lots of beautiful souvenirs and gifts you can get with Gaudi’s colourful style which I think make sure a lovely gift.

Montjuic Castle



Gaudi Park

I’ve included some useful links throughout this post which can provide you with more information about the various places we visited. I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our trip to Barcelona in Spain. I can’t wait to decide where to explore next!

What I’m wearing in this post:

New Look Floral Dress 

ASOS Denim Skirt

River Island Bow Sliders

New Look Black Tulle Midi Skirt


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